Graham and Kate

Although Kate trained as a teacher she has worked extensively in field sales across industrial, commercial, domestic and retail sectors, and has gained a wealth of experience with linens, jewellery, fabrics, industrial contracting services and educational products. Kate is an entrepreneur with a decisive business head, and has also managed a car paint franchise, a property development company and a soft furnishings business. She is also a pretty good editor and has made Graham’s latest book a reality!

Graham has spent many years involved in church planting. He has lived by faith, whilst supporting himself with various ‘tent making’ ventures - a bit like the Apostle Paul.  The latest ‘tent’ is actually a building - he has recently constructed a self build house single handedly, from foundations to roof tiles and everything between!

His practical approach to life makes his Bible teaching

down to earth and extremely relevant!

Graham served for many years  on the Apostolic Leadership Team of Ichthus Christian Fellowship in London, and has had a small part to play in the planting of some 14 different congregations. Graham has been a popular speaker for many years and has spoken in sixteen different countries. If you would like him to speak at your church please see the Contact Us page.

He usually visits churches for expenses only, plus a love gift (if you love him) so if you don’t he works out very inexpensive!

Together they enjoy the challenge of living out the teachings of Jesus.

Graham and Kate Warner have relocated to Middlewich, in Cheshire, primarily to facilitate caring for elderly parents. Graham was serving on the leadership team of Middlewich Community Church, where he and Kate enjoyed fellowship and served together on the Pastoral Team. They are looking at planting a new organic church